On January 21, after many meetings with church ministers, and also our online technical and design development team, the online Bible study program is now open for registration!

This is so excited news for everyone! We believe that God and our Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit is very glad to hear this good news too. Many angels in heaven may be rejoicing now since many lost souls may be back home soon through this open door.

You cannot imagine how many people could come to have find their true meaning of their life in the Lord Jesus Christ and our heavenly Father God. You can see many people who are suffering in this world. They need the Word of God. They need to know their Father in Heaven. They need to know this true love. They need to find their way back home.

Many of our ministers are excited to see this as well. They cannot wait to see many people who want to listen to the Word of God. They are ready to teach these precious children of God. You are so welcome to register. If you any question, please do not hesitate to contact us back, and we will get back to you soon. God bless